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Tropical Depression Fred update (8/14/2021)

Tropical Depression Fred is projected to re-strengthen to a Tropical Storm overnight, and begin interacting with the Florida Keys and the Everglades National Park Saturday morning. The forecast for Sailboat Bay has a possibility of Tropical Storm-strength winds and thunderstorms associated with Fred reaching us Sunday night or Monday morning, with a couple of
inches of rain, but this may change, perhaps significantly and with little warning. I encourage us all to watch and listen for forecasts and updates on Fred this evening and throughout the weekend. No evacuation from Fred is expected at this time, and significant storm surge is not anticipated. Regardless, Fred is a reminder of the preparations appropriate for a Tropical system moving our way: move your deck furniture inside if possible, or tie the furniture securely. Remove or secure any light objects, or items that could roll or tumble, from the parking and common areas. As we have witnessed before, they can become airborne missiles depending upon wind direction. Secure your boat, and remove cushions and any other  light objects from the boat as well.

If Fred strengthens significantly, or the projected path shifts well to the west, further precautions may be appropriate. For those who did not live full-time at Sailboat Bay, it is wise to take these precautions when you leave for more than a few days during Hurricane Season. Tropical systems can form and impact Sailboat Bay rather quickly, and finding someone to take these preparations in your absence can prove difficult without advance planning. 

We are 30 days away from the peak of the season; this is not a good time to let your guard down.


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