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Tropical Update  2022 – 1

Tropical Update  2022 – 1
Be wary, but not worried (yet)
Invest 98L has become Tropical Depression 9, and will likely become Tropical Storm (and subsequently Hurricane) Hermine in the near future.  This system is about a thousand miles away from Sailboat Bay, and will interact with multiple land masses and atmospheric systems over the coming days.  Therefore,  the current forecast is of interest, but contains a lot of potential errors due to the complicated interactions that will affect strength, path, and timing.  The latest forecast, issued this morning by the National Hurricane Center (, indicates that the Depression will soon begin to produce heavy rainfall in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao over the weekend.  The system will then be steered to the north-northwest and pound Jamaica and the Cayman Islands with strong winds and heavy rainfall Sunday and into Monday, before impacting the western edge of Cuba as a hurricane Monday night into Tuesday. 

The forecast will become more settled and more precise after the system leaves Cuba and heads into the Gulf of Mexico.  At that time, the projected path and timing of arrival will dictate our response.  The Board urges Owners and residents to pay close attention to forecasts over the weekend.  If, and that is a huge IF,  Hermine is projected to impact Sailboat Bay, we will implement the Hurricane Response Plan.  Owners need to plan to move outdoor furniture inside, secure boats in the marina, ensure objects under the buildings are properly stored and tied, and if necessary, remove vehicles and evacuate Sailboat Bay.  We will meet with the Contractors early next week and plan how their work could be impacted, and where their equipment and supplies should be located and secured to minimize damage to the materials and to Sailboat Bay.

Updates will be posted as information becomes available.