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Board Of Directors Notice to Owners

Dear Sailboat Bay Residents,


The Board Of Directors have started the mailbox lock changes and should be complete by the end of this week. We will post an updated list of new box numbers on the Sailboat Bay website along with a copy at the mailbox bulletin board. The mail has been temporarily placed on hold. Parcels will continue to be delivered to the fitness room.

Marina Seawall Bulkhead work is almost finished. Water and electricity will be restored to those affected slips as soon as the boardwalk is fully replaced. The stairs behind the duplexes that need to be rebuilt will be started as soon as the seawall project is complete.

Hurricane season is about to start. Please take the time to review the Hurricane Preparedness plan and re-familiarize yourself with the necessary steps to protect, your family and your property. You can find the plan on the Sailboat Bay website, “Disaster Prep Info” under the “Owners Only ” tab. We will be allowed to park at the sports complex again in case we have to evacuate our vehicles.

Summer is right around the corner. The weather is getting better every day and we are starting to see a lot more activity here at Sailboat Bay. As we enter into our vacation time, we would like to share a few reminders about Sailboat Bay and how we can keep our piece of paradise looking good and running smoothly.

If you notice something that needs attention, please notify the Association. We want to stay on top of matters that affect your quality of life and the appearance of your property. Please inform your guests as well. You can submit maintenance requests through the website. For other matters, contact the Board of Directors.

Please keep your unit entry way, carport space and boat docks neat and tidy.

Please remember, noise travels through the walls and especially the floors. If you live above another unit, please keep in mind the unit below hears you. We thank you for your consideration!

With respect to all homeowners, please clean up after your pets.

DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS. We have sprinklers everywhere and they break easily. Persons under age 16 are not permitted to operate motorized vehicles on the property without direct adult supervision. Golf carts with smooth “turf tires” designed for golf courses are permitted on the grass. Golf carts with large knobby tires designed for off road are not permitted on grass.

All garbage or refuse shall be deposited in containers designated for such purpose, located in the storage yard. Owners must inform contractors that all material/rubbish is to be disposed of OFF SITE. Do not throw cigarette butts on the grounds.

Gas, charcoal or other open flame appliances are not to be used on Balconies or within 10 feet of any building. Electric grills are allowed to be used on Balconies.

No towels or laundry shall be hung or placed on the balcony railings.

SWIMMING POOL AND HOT TUB: Children under (12) must be accompanied by an adult.  Boisterous or objectionable behavior is inappropriate. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests at all times. Please cooperate in maintaining cleanliness and tidiness in the swimming pool areas. Re-position pool furniture after use. Both pools and the hot tub close at 10:00 pm.  NO GLASS, PLEASE. No Beer Bottles. Report any safety issues, maintenance needs or misuse of the facilities to staff or a board member.

EXERCISE ROOM: Persons (17) years of age and over are permitted to use the exercise room. Tobacco, beverages, food or glassware are not allowed in the exercise room.

TENNIS COURTS: Persons (12) years of age or under must be accompanied by an adult. Roller skates, roller blades, bicycles and skateboards are not allowed on the tennis courts.

CLUBHOUSE: Persons (16) years of age or under must be accompanied by an adult. The Clubhouse is for recreational use, and any commercial activity is prohibited. Reservations for the “exclusive” use of the clubhouse may be made through the office.

MARINA AND BOATING: All boats in the marina must be legally registered to the extent required by Alabama State Law. Slip power is 120V, 20 amp and not intended as “shore power”. Please turn off the electric to your boat when you leave the property. You may not live aboard or have overnight guests on your boat. Fish cleaning may be done at the docks, but NO remains may be put into the marina or bay. Please double bag and discarded in the Sailboat Bay household garbage dumpster. Alabama law prohibits dumping fish remains within 500 feet of shore. In the event the U.S. Weather Service issues a “Hurricane Warning” for the Northern Gulf of Mexico, you are required to remove your vessel from the harbor or secure it as recommended by the Sailboat Bay Hurricane Plan.

PARKING: If you have visitors for more than 3 days, please place a visitor’s pass on the dash of the vehicle. Visitor’s passes are available at the Office. Overflow parking areas are limited to 4 days per month.

STORAGE FACILITY: Our storage area is available on a first come first serve basis. One per owner is the maximum due to the limited number of spaces. Obtain a tag from the office to display on the item you put in the storage area.

LEAVING THE PROPERTY: When you leave the property for more than a few days, please turn off the water to your unit. We also suggest you cut the power to your hot water heater. Move any deck furniture, potted plants, or other items that might blow in the wind to a safe location.

Please keep in mind that this overview is not intended to be a substitute for the “Rules and Regulations” of Sailboat Bay.  They explain the expectations of the homeowners, and following them assures a clean, well kept, peaceful and beautiful community. You are encouraged to read and become familiar with all of them. It is the responsibility of all unit owners to make each occupant, renter, leaseholder and guest aware of these Rules and Regulations.


We hope everyone has a GREAT Summer!